When the unthinkable happens…

Most of us have experienced the worst case scenario – the loss of important personal or business data – and it’s usually at the most inconvenient time.

Although we strongly recommend implementing backup procedures and devices, we are able to use several methods to try and retrieve your data.

Warning signs that your data may be at risk include:

– Computer will not boot

– Inaccessible drives or partitions

– Strange clicking noises

– Unable to load data or run programmes

– Corrupt data files

– Hard drive locks up

– Fire and water damage

– Surface contamination

– Accidental deletion of data

We can offer two levels of Data Recovery.



Level One

We attempt to recover the data with the drive intact, using a software and hardware setup.

This is at a cost of £175 – There is a charge of £24 for an unsuccessful recovery attempt/diagnoses of the drive

These prices exclude VAT

Level Two

In the case of total failure of your hard drive, you may require a clean room data recovery service. In this case, we send your Hard Drive to a Data Recovery Specialist who will take apart the drive and reassemble it in a special environment, so that they can extract the data.

This process starts from £475. With a diagnostic fee of £40 if the recovery is declined, or the data is not recoverable.

These prices exclude VAT