One to one learning support

Our of our customers learning support programme or educationalist is available
by appointment only to help you with  QA about Apple’s iOS 11 update and the new, desktop operating system, High Sierra.

You tell us how you want to learn and we’ll teach you what you need to know!

I am New

If you are a PC user just switched to Mac, or this is your first personal digital devices.

Learn and maximise your device

This is where we all get started.

Getting Started classes are recommended for all new to Apple products.

Personal Trainer

Private training just for you. We are there to help you to the next level.

No better way to get trained

So no matter you are new, experienced, or somewhere in between.

You will get the same high-quality training you get at our workshops

Workshop Training

We can adjust the training to focus on what's relevant for your organization.


We offer tailored training packages for our customers, or to upgrade the knowledge of Mac software. It will benefit you or your company

Stop feeling lost
Let us be your  guide!

There’s no better way to get set up, get trained, and get going on your new Mac or iPad than with an Apple Product Professional.

No matter your age, or how much you think you know, sign up for a Workshop or schedule a One-on-one lesson to learn how to get the most out of your Apple devices.

Whatever your learning needs are, we’ve got you covered!

Apple Learning Workshops

Popular Topics

Our bespoke courses/workshops are designed to suit your needs you could be taught from any number of our trainers which range from from the head of  Apple education from an Apple RTC, Adobe education trainers right through to  school/college lecturers  all certified to teach!

There are training courses out there, but some are online where you may feel isolated or run by people that may not  have the digital skills or knowledge to keep up with todays growing digital trends.

Our training offers years of real world experience actually using helping you to use your devices effectively because after all that’s what do anyway day to day.

We offer information on updates, best practices, insights and workarounds to help you avoid the pitfalls.Isn’t that why one pays for training?

  • Need odd hours or time increments? We offer half day workshops as well as the flexibility you won’t find elsewhere. If you want, we will work with you at your home or business over a series of days, evenings or weekends so that the training doesn’t impact your typical workday.
  • We offer  training for older devices as well as the latest.
  • Our focus is on a working with you in realistic situations, e.g. You may not understand something or want to learn something
  • Class size is not a factor for us. If you schedule a class with us, you may rest assured it will occur.
    Public classes offered by most training companies are frequently canceled if they have low enrollment. This means that you may have signed up and prepared to attend a  class, only to be told later that the class has been canceled.
  • Don’t forget about the added benefit of working in the environment you will be using once the class is over.
  • You use your own devices during the class.
  • We offer specialty classes that aren’t likely to be found anywhere else at any price!