Let us be your IT department

We offer individualised hardware, software, and maintenance options tailored to any size business.

Bringing Apple hardware into your office has never been more convenient. From Windows to Mac transitions to Data recovery, aa|mac is here to help.

We provide phone and email based help desk, accelerated support with guaranteed response times and remote access to solve issues quickly and cost effectively.

Tailored Support for Businesses Large or Small

With remote support aa mac can access your Mac through the internet (with your permission only of course). Many technical issues can be resolved remotely and many programs can be taught by allowing a technician to log in to your computer. Safe and secure, save yourself a trip to our store, AND get some help in the comfort of your home!

Our technicians are experts at getting your Mac up and running. We can advise you based on your budget and usage.

From initial set-up to hardware upgrades we are your one-stop shop for your Mac.

We are networking specialists and we advise you every step of the way. We set up a network ranging from just two machines to large-scale networks, incorporating servers and RAID solutions with full back solutions.

Education and Training

Visit our fully qualified education trainer at our monthly Apple catch session for quick answers to short questions. Anything from how to set up your Apple ID to sending an email—we have him on hand to help you! Appointment is necessary.

Personalised attention that allows you to go at your own pace!

From the comfort of your own home (or in our store) we can help you overcome your frustrations and if not become a power user! At the very least we can help you to feel comfortable getting your mail, surfing the web and making calls. Basic users and power users will both find this personalised service helpful.

Schedule a free session with a Specialist and cover the topics you want — from the basics to pro tips.

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